Buddhist Global Relief 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry

Walk to Feed the Hungry

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Join Buddhist Global Relief in a Worldwide Walk of Compassion!

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Seattle WA: Saturday, October 6th 2012
Ann Arbor MI: Saturday October 13th 2012
New York NY: Saturday October 13th 2012
San Francisco CA: Saturday October 13th 2012
San Jose–Mountain View CA: Sunday, October 14th 2012
London UK: Saturday, October 20th 2012
Los Angeles CA: Sunday, October 21st 2012
Escondido CA: October 25th 2012
Bhikkhu Bodhi leads Walk
Today we can send men into space, but here on earth chronic hunger and malnutrition still cast their shadows over the heads of far too many people, claiming millions of lives a year, more than half of them children. Though we may never know or see these folks, we should recognize that they are human beings just like ourselves, worthy of our deepest concern. Together we can make a difference, and it doesn’t take much to help them live in dignity and hope!
All proceeds from the walks will go to support BGR’s global hunger relief programs. For more information, to plan an event, register, fundraise, volunteer or donate, go to: www.buddhistglobalrelief.org

“Buddhist Global Relief now has a blog. Please check it out, bookmark it, and subscribe to the feeds. We’ll be dealing with issues related to social and economic justice, food security, poverty relief, as well as reports on our projects. I’ll be blogging, along with other members of our board.”-Bhikkhu Bodhi

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The mission of Buddhist Global Relief (BGR) is to provide relief to the poor and needy throughout the world regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Bearing in mind the Buddha’s statements that “hunger is the worst kind of illness” and “the gift of food is the gift of life,” BGR especially focuses on providing food aid to those afflicted by hunger and lack of food security. Its long-range goal, however, is to combat all the manifestations of poverty that detract from the inherent dignity of human life.


Why Does BGR Focus On Global Hunger? Part 1 | Buddhist Global Relief

Why does Buddhist Global Relief Focus on Global Hunger?

“Such suffering stems largely from unjust social and economic systems that deprive people of the means they need to live

Myanmar - Cyclone Nargis relief - Save the Children (BGR partner)

securely and happily. In most cases, these structures are not accidental but are shaped and imposed by a privileged elite, who enrich themselves and their cohorts while others must struggle daily just to obtain adequate food, housing, education, and work. If we apply the Buddha’s formula of the four noble truths to our collective situation, we would see that to eliminate the effect—the suffering that stems from oppressive social and economic systems—we must make changes to their underlying structures.” -Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi

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via Why Does BGR Focus On Global Hunger? Part 1 | Buddhist Global Relief.

photo credit: BGR picasa album 

Recent photos and update on The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled

Recent photos and update on The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled , a Buddhist Monastic run and founded non-profit

Assistive Devices Donation Ceremony – 24 September 2011

(L to R ) Venerable Bhiksuni Chueh Men, Venerable Yushi Shimada , Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero

Photo credits:The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled / Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero

Assistive devices were donated among disabled people on 24th September 2011 at NalandaRama Viharaya, Pathiragoda, Maharagama, Sri lanka. Most Venerable Yushi Shimada Of Japan were present as chief gusset and Most Venerable Bhiksuni Chueh Men of Taiwan were present as the guest of honor of the occasion. Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero, Director General of the Arogya Foundation for the Disabled: Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero, Mr. Honjo Japan, President of the Arogya Foundation for the Disabled : Prof Ariyapala Perera, Assistant Secretary Mr. P. A. Gunawardena, Treasurer Mr. Gamini Dahanayaka, Assistant Secretary Mr. Upali Jayarathna, Member of Maharagama Urban Council: Mr. Pradeep Liyanage , Mr. Mahida Weerasighe: Managing director of the Sri Lankan granite And Marble (private) ltd. were present at the occasion. ( source: Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero’s fb page)

Please see The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled’s blog for more inspiring photos, information on supporting  their good works and stories of those who already have made a gift !

The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled was born to support disabled people in Sri Lanka enables people with disabilities to improve their life skills. Founded three years ago, the Foundation continues to render their service all over the country and nearly 150 patients have been received necessary medical equipments such as crutches, walking sticks, wheel chairs, etc. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Rev Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero and registered in Sri Lanka in year 2008.

Tel : (+94) 113-175 889 email : info@arogyafoundation.org web : www.arogyafoundation.org



Ven Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero

CONGRATULATIONS IN ORDER FOR Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero! The Venerable has
been nominated to receive an award by the Saviya Foundation. Ceremony will be held in Gall at Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya on 03.12.2011 at 3.p.m to mark the occasion of the world disabled day.

sources and all photo credits: Venerable’s facebook page and The  Arogya Foundation’s blog

Buddhist Global Relief’s “Walk to Feed The Hungry” Sept. 10, 2011


Time:  Saturday, September 10 · 10:00am – 1:00pm


RiversidePark 83rd St. entrance New York,NY

More Info:

Join BGR in a 3.5 mile walk of compassion. Can’t walk in NYC?

Walk where you are…anywhere in the world!

1 billion people live in chronic hunger.

Two children die of hunger every minute.

Support the cause to help feed the hungry:


All proceeds will go to BGR hunger relief projects in

theU.S., Asia, andAfrica.

Find BGR on Twitter , Facebook and Website


Burma Global Action Network /&/ Support the Monks’ Protest in Burma

Burma Global Action Network (BGAN) is dedicated to the promotion of the struggle for justice and democracy in Burma, operating in conjunction with other, more established groups. Founded in the wake of the 2007 monk-led anti-government protests by creating the Facebook group “Support the Monks’ Protest in Burma”, BGAN has initiated and organized various actions designed to raise public awareness about the situation in Burma and put pressure governments and other stakeholders to take action on Burmese issues.

The core executive of BGAN is comprised of moderators from our highly successful Facebook group, “Support the Monks’ Protest in Burma.” This platform was established in late September, 2007, to raise awareness of the monk-led anti-government protests. It soon became an unqualified success: at its peak, it had nearly 500,000 members, and united disparate individuals and organizations around the globe working together for the goal of a free Burma. In conjunction with the Burma Campaign UK, Canadian Friends of Burma, the US Campaign for Burma and Avaaz.org, as well as countless local partners, a Global Day of Action for Burma was held on October 6, 2007, in cities worldwide. The London demonstration alone had more than 10,000 participants; tens of thousands participated in events worldwide. It remains one of the largest simultaneous events coordinated primarily over the internet, and can be a considered a significant milestone in the history of internet activism for its novel usage of social networking technology.

BGAN also coordinated a global day of action with the emphasis on freeing Burma’s political prisoners. “Aung San Suu Kyi Day” was held on October 24, 2007, which marked the date on which Aung San Suu Kyi  had spent 12 years under house arrest.

Our most significant user-uploaded media campaign is the website Don’t Forget Burma. Designed to combat the lull in Burma-related coverage in the international media following the crackdown on demonstrators in October, Don’t Forget Burma was designed as a viral campaign where concerned citizens can upload messages of support for the Burmese cause and try to keep Burma in the media spotlight and public consciousness.

BGAN also launched a campaign urging consumers to boycott oil companies Chevron and Total, and encouraging those companies to divest of their substantial assets in the country, which provide a direct pipeline of support to the military dictatorship at the expense of the Burmese people.



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Imran Jamal