Dhammadharini “Women Upholding the Dhamma”

Dhammadharini “Women Upholding the Dhamma”


“women upholding the Dhamma”

Our women’s monastic community and our not-for-profit religious support foundation are named Dhammadharini, meaning “to uphold the Dharma in the feminine form” in the Pali Language, an ancient classical language of Southeast Asian Buddhism.  Our symbol is a bodhi leaf (Bodhi meaning Awakening and the leaf our embodiment) supported and uplifted by three flowing currents, that of our training in sila-moral virtue,samadhi-meditation and panna-wisdom, in the stream of the Dhamma.

Our monastic residences at the Bodhi House and our women’s monastic hermitage Aranya Bodhi are led by fully-ordained female monastics, or bhikkhunis, (the male form is the bhikkhu), the type of monastic life and ordination established for both men and women in Buddhism at its inception in India more than 2500 years ago.  Find more bhikkhuni monasteries, hermitages and temples in North America and around the world on our “Places of Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha” page.