Dong Hung Buddhist Education Center

Dong Hung Buddhist Education Center

Help build a new temple!

History of Dong Hung Temple

by Phap Trung

The  Dong Hung Temple is a religious institution dedicated to serving followers of the Mahayana tradition of Zen Buddhist practiced in Vietnam.

This Zen sect is based mostly on meditation, applying the strict rules and discipline(Sila and vinaya) as principles, and using the Pure Land tradition (Sukha’ vati), together with meditation practice, as the foundation for cultivating one’s virtue and wisdom.

Prologue – A Brief History about Dong Hung

Dong Hung temple in Virginia Beach, VA is officially known as the Buddhist Education Center of America, Inc. It is named after another Pagoda in the district 2 of Sai Gon City, in South Vietnam – namely To Dinh Dong Hung, which literally translated to the Ancestral Temple Dong Hung.  The temple’s name was chosen to commemorate the Founding Fathers – the Venerable Bhikkhu Thich Buu Chi who built, and the Venerable Bhikkhu Thich Hanh Tru who succeeded his Master in the maintaining and renovating processes throughout its history.



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