America, Help Fight Hunger, May 11th

♥ America, this Saturday, May 11th, donate a bag of groceries ♥

It’s EASY to Help :

1. Collect and bag non-perishable food items

2.Place by mailbox for letter carrier to  deliver to a local food bank or pantry 


Company Overview
On Saturday, May 11, Campbell Soup Company will join forces with the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) to Stamp Out Hunger across America in order to provide assistance to the rapidly increasing number of Americans who are struggling with hunger.

Now in its 21th year, the Stamp Out Hunger effort is the nation’s largest single-day food drive. In 2012, 70.5 million pounds of food was donated, which brought the grand total of donations to more than 1.2 billion pounds of food collected over the history of the drive.

Unfortunately, despite the generosity of millions of Americans who have supported the letter carriers’ food drive in previous years, the need for food assistance has never been greater. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual study measuring food security in the United States, nearly 50 million Americans are living in food insecure homes.

For more information about the annual Stamp Out Hunger effort in your community, ask your letter carrier, contact your local post office, visit or, or follow the drive at

“Furthermore, Subhuti, in the practice of compassion and charity a disciple should be detached. That is to say, he should practice compassion and charity without regard to appearances, without regard to form, without regard to sound, smell, taste, touch, or any quality of any kind. Subhuti, this is how the disciple should practice compassion and charity. Why? Because practicing compassion and charity without attachment is the way to reaching the Highest Perfect Wisdom, it is the way to becoming a living Buddha”

-The Diamond Sutra

Food is Needed..

Food is Needed..


Bhante makes it easy to donate ❤ Please share, donate, post on your blogs and pass this on.
Please see his blog here at WHAT BUDDHA SAIDOne can advantageously donate funds for food, which is needed every month here.Whoever gives food later gains bodily strength, vitality, vigor and health.

FROM BHIKKHU SAMAHITA’S WEBSITE : Register a new account on Main City: kandy – 2 Suburb: Peradeniya

When U have ordered then click “save cart”. Then U can easily order the same again.

Chose: Pickup delivery option at checkout and write in the notes:

To: Bhikkhu Samahita. (Lay name: Jan Erik Hansen, Passport#: 203419711)

Pickup by: Venerable Bhikkhu Samahita.

They accept Sri Lankan bank transfers and credit cards and also international credit cards.

Then I can pick it up with the receipt U will get emailed from Keels if U forward it to me

by email to:

Mail Address:
Venerable Bhikkhu Samahita
Cypress Hermitage, Bambarella
20838 Tawalantenna
Kandy, Central Province.
Phone: (+94) 081 562 0553

Read more on his blog… follow link ❤

Buddhist Global Relief 2012 Walk to Feed the Hungry

Walk to Feed the Hungry

Please Save the Date

Join Buddhist Global Relief in a Worldwide Walk of Compassion!

Find a walk near you:

Seattle WA: Saturday, October 6th 2012
Ann Arbor MI: Saturday October 13th 2012
New York NY: Saturday October 13th 2012
San Francisco CA: Saturday October 13th 2012
San Jose–Mountain View CA: Sunday, October 14th 2012
London UK: Saturday, October 20th 2012
Los Angeles CA: Sunday, October 21st 2012
Escondido CA: October 25th 2012
Bhikkhu Bodhi leads Walk
Today we can send men into space, but here on earth chronic hunger and malnutrition still cast their shadows over the heads of far too many people, claiming millions of lives a year, more than half of them children. Though we may never know or see these folks, we should recognize that they are human beings just like ourselves, worthy of our deepest concern. Together we can make a difference, and it doesn’t take much to help them live in dignity and hope!
All proceeds from the walks will go to support BGR’s global hunger relief programs. For more information, to plan an event, register, fundraise, volunteer or donate, go to:

“Buddhist Global Relief now has a blog. Please check it out, bookmark it, and subscribe to the feeds. We’ll be dealing with issues related to social and economic justice, food security, poverty relief, as well as reports on our projects. I’ll be blogging, along with other members of our board.”-Bhikkhu Bodhi




The mission of Buddhist Global Relief (BGR) is to provide relief to the poor and needy throughout the world regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Bearing in mind the Buddha’s statements that “hunger is the worst kind of illness” and “the gift of food is the gift of life,” BGR especially focuses on providing food aid to those afflicted by hunger and lack of food security. Its long-range goal, however, is to combat all the manifestations of poverty that detract from the inherent dignity of human life.

Help on the Way: New Buddhist Global Relief Programs in the U.S. and Africa (Part I) by Charles W. Elliot

BGR Logo

Profile Picture  Help on the Way: New Buddhist Global Relief Programs in the U.S. and Africa (Part I) 

Buddhist Global Relief is pleased to announce new support for a number of programs to help combat the chronic problem of hunger in urban communities in the United States and childhood hunger in West Africa.READ MORE on BGR’s WordPress Blog 

Why Does BGR Focus On Global Hunger? Part 1 | Buddhist Global Relief

Why does Buddhist Global Relief Focus on Global Hunger?

“Such suffering stems largely from unjust social and economic systems that deprive people of the means they need to live

Myanmar - Cyclone Nargis relief - Save the Children (BGR partner)

securely and happily. In most cases, these structures are not accidental but are shaped and imposed by a privileged elite, who enrich themselves and their cohorts while others must struggle daily just to obtain adequate food, housing, education, and work. If we apply the Buddha’s formula of the four noble truths to our collective situation, we would see that to eliminate the effect—the suffering that stems from oppressive social and economic systems—we must make changes to their underlying structures.” -Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi

READ MORE on BGR’s blog

via Why Does BGR Focus On Global Hunger? Part 1 | Buddhist Global Relief.

photo credit: BGR picasa album 

Come and See 3 CD launch concert: Touched By Love // D-Kidz

by D-Kidz

Support D-Kidz Come and See 3 CD launch concert on 15 apr ,2pm @ NTUC auditorium. Singapore purchase ticket on line on our face book page. All tickets proceed will go to Buddhist education in Singapore

You can buy Tickets here

You can LIKE D-Kidz of Facebook here

You can LIKE Come and See 3 CD launch concert on Facebook here 



At D-Kidz Dhamma class, the D-Kidz method is employed to teach Dhamma to children. This method is structured around Character Development, role play, dance, music and art and craft. Children learn best in a fun, relaxed manner and interactive environment.In order to create an awareness of the D-Kidz method, there is an urgent need to identify and train more Dhamma class teachers. If you think you have what it takes to inspire the little ones to uphold the Buddha Sasana. And that you have at least one of the skill sets listed below:a) Committed, caring and constructive people who enjoy working with children and adults alike and who enjoy learning and teaching.
b) actors and dancers: passion to communicate with drama and movement
c) musicians and singers: spreading the word of Buddha thro songs
d) artists and designers: creative and love to share Dhamma thro art and craft and drawings
e) props and sets makers: Good with making props for stage and role play
To propel the team at D-Kidz Dhamma class to achieve what is being spelt out in their Vision statement, they formulated four objectives:1) To create and foster an experiential Dhamma learning environment for both adults and children.2) To achieve a “WOW” effect in children’s Dhamma class where Buddhism is taught in a FUN, INTERACTIVE and SIMPLE manner.3) To develop effective curriculum, games, songs and material for children’s Dhamma class.4) To indentify and train children’s Dhamma Class teachers in the proper usage and application of the above educational philosophy.
Come & See Album


Recent photos and update on The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled

Recent photos and update on The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled , a Buddhist Monastic run and founded non-profit

Assistive Devices Donation Ceremony – 24 September 2011

(L to R ) Venerable Bhiksuni Chueh Men, Venerable Yushi Shimada , Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero

Photo credits:The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled / Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero

Assistive devices were donated among disabled people on 24th September 2011 at NalandaRama Viharaya, Pathiragoda, Maharagama, Sri lanka. Most Venerable Yushi Shimada Of Japan were present as chief gusset and Most Venerable Bhiksuni Chueh Men of Taiwan were present as the guest of honor of the occasion. Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero, Director General of the Arogya Foundation for the Disabled: Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero, Mr. Honjo Japan, President of the Arogya Foundation for the Disabled : Prof Ariyapala Perera, Assistant Secretary Mr. P. A. Gunawardena, Treasurer Mr. Gamini Dahanayaka, Assistant Secretary Mr. Upali Jayarathna, Member of Maharagama Urban Council: Mr. Pradeep Liyanage , Mr. Mahida Weerasighe: Managing director of the Sri Lankan granite And Marble (private) ltd. were present at the occasion. ( source: Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero’s fb page)

Please see The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled’s blog for more inspiring photos, information on supporting  their good works and stories of those who already have made a gift !

The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled was born to support disabled people in Sri Lanka enables people with disabilities to improve their life skills. Founded three years ago, the Foundation continues to render their service all over the country and nearly 150 patients have been received necessary medical equipments such as crutches, walking sticks, wheel chairs, etc. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Rev Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero and registered in Sri Lanka in year 2008.

Tel : (+94) 113-175 889 email : web :


Ven Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero

CONGRATULATIONS IN ORDER FOR Venerable Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero! The Venerable has
been nominated to receive an award by the Saviya Foundation. Ceremony will be held in Gall at Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya on 03.12.2011 at 3.p.m to mark the occasion of the world disabled day.

sources and all photo credits: Venerable’s facebook page and The  Arogya Foundation’s blog

Donation Approved Letter for IBS // Update Aug.2011

Dear IBS Prison Program Supporters,The Chuckawalla State Prison has graciously grant approval to permit the distribution of all of our Buddhist practice materials including books, CD’s, DVD’s, statues of the Buddha, Gong, Dharma bell, etc, to the Buddhist follower inmates.  For that, I would like to confer my sincere gratitude for all the prayers and support to allow this auspicious outcome to come into fruition in such an expeditious manner. Hundreds of our dharma inmates will greatly benefit by being able to learn about the teachings and striving for genuine repentance to acknowledge their past misdeeds in hopes of becoming better societal members.  IBS is honored and extremely grateful to be able to provide all of the materials that are conducive to a diligent spiritual practice and livelihood.On behalf of all of the other prison Sanghas, I would like to once again express our utmost appreciation for your continual support and encouragement without which many of the results could not have happened. IBS also would also like to thank all the supporters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, as well as those from different states in the US.  As always, IBS vows to continue to do its very best to lead all the prison Sanghas on the path of Buddahood.  May all sentient beings be blessed by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.Amitofo,
Xianzhong Shi
International Bodhisattva Sangha (IBS) has been doing prison visitation programs in California for many years. There are hundreds of inmates in the prisons willing to learn and practice the Buddha Dharma. IBS only visits once a month to help and offer the Dharma, but once a month is not sufficient to teach enough information about Buddhism for their daily practice. We did some research about their practices, and it brought us more insight about how to benefit the practitioners. They desperately need library materials.Therefore IBS trying to set up a library in each yard of different state prisons that will be beneficial for those practitioners. If you have any Buddhist books, CDs, DVDs or Buddhist magazines and would like to donate them for the prison library, please contact us.
Thank You,International Bodhisattva Sangha
12584 Sora Way
San Diego CA 92129
Phone: 1+619-450-3699
Fax: 1+858-484-1889
“There are two kinds of gifts: a gift of material things and a gift of the Dharma. Of the two, the gift of Dharma is supreme.”

                                                                                                     Itivuttaka 98


Info is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization in California, USA, dedicated to supporting the practice, study and teaching of Buddhist Insight (Vipassana) Meditation, in the tradition of Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo. The organization was founded by Brother Noah Yuttadhammo, an ordained disciple of the venerable Ajaan Tong in order to help facilitate the spread of Vipassana meditation around the world.

The following is a list of the current board of directors of Sirimangalo International:

  • Brother Noah Yuttadhammo – President
  • Alfonso De Rose – Vice President
  • Navarat Thananopavarn – Treasurer
  • Nuchanach Sirin – Secretary

Apart from this core group of official staff, many volunteers too numerous to mention help to make our work function smoothly, and are coordinated by the core members listed above. Persons wishing to volunteer should contact us through the Los Angeles contact form.

Our Meditation Centre and Courses

We are currently working towards establishing a dedicated meditation center in Sri Lanka. We are currently offering residential meditation courses for international meditators on a limited basis. For more information, please visit

Online Teaching

We offer videoaudio, and printed material on Buddhism and meditation. Our How To Meditate DVD is available via Bit Torrent (please visit this site for instructions on how to use Bit Torrent).

Buddhist nun’s NY vending case set to be tossed // Update

Associated Press

NEW YORK — An Atlanta-area Buddhist nun who said police mistook handing out prayer beads for selling jewelry will get her unlicensed-vending case dismissed if she stays out of trouble for six months, a Manhattan judge said Monday.

photo credit belongs to Yahoo News , I believe , can't find the original

“It’s a very good outcome” for Li Baojing, said her lawyer, Robert E. Brown.

The Chinese-born Li was arrested June 2 in New York’s Chinatown, where police found her sitting at a bustling corner with a bag full of beaded necklaces and a tin for collecting money. The area is rife with street vendors hawking various wares.

She says she had a sign in Mandarin saying she was collecting contributions for rebuilding her fire-damaged temple and home in Chamblee, Ga., and that she gave the roughly 50-cent necklaces to donors and non-donors alike. She’d come to New York because she thought her fundraising would fare better in its large Chinese community, Brown said.

Police, however, concluded Li was selling costume jewelry without a vendor’s license, and she was arrested on a misdemeanor charge.

Li turned down a plea offer earlier this month; it would have entailed admitting to disorderly conduct, a violation, and doing a day of community service. Prosecutors ultimately agreed with Monday’s arrangement to put the case on track for dismissal.

Li, dressed in a saffron-colored robe, said through an interpreter that she was relieved the legal process is ending but still had the temple to worry about.

She needed to raise donations because of problems with the building’s insurance after the March 26 fire, said Brown, who represented her for free. She has raised about $20,000 of the $30,000 she’s seeking, collecting about $10,000 of those donations since her arrest, he said.

Originally from the Hubei province in central China, Li came to the United States to do missionary work in 1996.


Jennifer Peltz can be reached at

—Copyright 2011 Associated Press

Link to original article which appeared in  Tricycle

Update:[update from Tricycle from original first article, I tried to call today to verify this information was still correct, however the woman who answered the phone speaks Chinese, and I don’t..maybe you can call and verify 🙂 ]

“I am told that the temple Baojing Li is raising money for is the Pu Xian Temple. If you would like to support Baojing Li’s work and make a donation, checks payable to the Atlanta Pu Xian Buddhist Association, Inc, can be sent to 3140 Shallowford Pl, Atlanta, GA 30341. Their phone number is 678-436-3607.”-Tricycle